For woodwind players, as important as the mouthpiece, is the reed. We strive to carry the most popular brands, as well as some you may not have heard of. Making a choice here is often like throwing darts, but we have learned what comparisons may be made between brands, and what works well with a given mouthpiece/ligature combination. We really enjoy helping students find the right mouthpiece/reed setup, and are always available for questions. Remember, all boxes of reeds are always discounted 40%! (Singles are 10% off.) Ask for a sample reed to try!

We want to carry YOUR favorite brand, so contact us to let us know what it is!

NEW! We are now carrying the new Vandoren V21 reeds! Read more about them here!

Here is a partial list of the brands we carry:

RICO Products 

  • Rico (orange box)
  • Rico Royal (blue box)
  • La Voz
  • Hemke
  • Mitchell Lurie
  • Rico Reserve Classic
  • Rico Select Jazz (filed and unfiled)
  • Plasticover


  • V21 – NEW! Vandoren’s latest clarinet innovation. A better reed for expanding your range.
  • Juno – NEW!  A better quality student reed. Read more here.
  • Traditional (blue box)
  • ZZ
  • V12
  • V16
  • 56 Rue Lepic
  • Java – Red
  • Java – Green
  • Sampler packs for all saxes – Sop/Alt/Ten: 1 each of V16, Java Red, Java Green, and ZZ; Bari: 1 each of Traditional, Java Red, Java Green and ZZ.


  • Superial DC (alto and tenor sax only)


  • FOF For Our Friends (clarinet only)

Synthetic Reeds


  • Jones
  • Selmer (does not have a link to reeds)