Brass Repair

Disclaimer: All of our prices listed on this website are estimates ONLY. Since there is no way for us to estimate an instrument over the phone, we do not quote repair jobs without being able to see them. This allows us to give accurate estimates and avoids frustration on the part of the customer. All instruments and situations are unique, so each one must be handled and priced accordingly.

The below prices are based on instruments in good playing condition. Additional costs for repairs may be needed in order to complete the repair. Estimates will be provided before work is done. For any repairs not listed, please inquire by phone at 360-733-5840.

All estimates are good for 60 days after the date the estimate is made.

Stuck mouthpieces pulled for FREE!

Brasswind Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleans include synthetic or natural water key corks and Kraus synthetic top cap and stem felts. (Replacing stop arm corks not included.)  All valves are measured and properly aligned and tuning slides are aligned. Reachable minimal dent work is included. Inner slide tubes are polished.  All instruments are play tested and checked thoroughly.

Instrument Lacquer / other Silver
Trumpet / cornet $80-110 $110-140
Flugelhorn $110 $140
Mellophone $115 $145
Baritone/euph. 3 valve $110 $170
Baritone/euph. 4 valve $150 $205
French horn (single) $115
French horn (double) $185
Tuba 3 pistons $170 $230
Tuba 4 pistons $230 $290
Tuba 5 valve or 4 rotary $260 $350
Sousaphone $260 $350

Prices quoted include parts and labor

All trombone handslide repairs require an Ultrasonic cleaning

Instrument Lacquer / other Silver
Tenor trombone $70 $80
Trombone w/ rotor $90 $125
Trombone w/ 2 rotors, or Valve trbn  $125 $145

Align trombone handslide and remove handslide dents: $70.00 + the cost of cleaning


Additional brass repairs

  • Stuck Slides: $15-30 per slide
  • Soft Soldering: $20  minimum (additional charges for alignment and dent removal)
  • Silver Soldering: $40 minimum
  • MDRS – Magnetic Dent Removal System – $45 minimum (by quote only)
  • Piston Valve Repairs: $40 minimum, per valve
  • Rotary Valve Repairs: $60 minimum, per valve
  • Replace stop arm corks (neoprene): $60 per instrument, or $20.00 per valve (3 valves and fewer)
  • Removal of stuck objects: $60/hour, minimum $15

Case Repairs

  • Latch: $30 for 1, $25 ea for 2+
  • Hinge: $30
  • Case Strap: $30
  • Handle: $35-45
  • Tape case exterior – $33
  • Replace feet/corners – $15/corner
  • Glue interior – $15
  • Add wheels – $100 minimum, by estimate

Other case repairs available by quote: Replace case feet, reinforcing cases, cosmetic work, adding or replacing mouthpiece holders, adding or replacing compartments, custom setups