Prof. Romeo Orsi Contrabass Saxophone Prototype

$36,000 OBO

Standing at an impressive 6’4″ in height, this is an exceptionally rare Orsi Contrabass Saxophone. This instrument, keyed from low Bb to high F, is one of Orsi’s prototypes, making it even more of a rarity. With no serial number, it is difficult to date precisely, but it was most likely manufactured in the late 70’s – early 80’s in Milan, Italy.

It is in excellent condition, and it had a full mechanical overhaul performed by the Bellingham Wind Works repair shop in 2017. This included all new pads (including some custom oversized bell-key pads), all new adjustment materials, tonehole leveling, key refitting, and more.

The sound is enormous and bold, with a tremendous amount of projection and presence. This will fill the room with ease. It is also capable of delicacy, with a particularly sweet-sounding upper register. Audio samples are available on request.

This instrument includes original mouthpiece, custom saxophone stand, hard case, instrument strap, lyre, and Orsi polishing cloth.