Why rent instead of buy?

Why rent instead of buying?

  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance is covered under all of our contracts. No surprise fees or sudden expensive repairs.
    • Repairs can be expensive, especially in the first year as your child is learning how to handle the instrument properly. Basic maintenance on a non-rented instrument starts at $70 for smaller instruments and can go up to $150 for some of the larger instruments, and should happen once or twice a year. Additional repairs like dents, or frozen, broken or missing parts all add up from there. If you rent, it’s all covered, and you can come in as often as you want, no questions asked.
    • If something happens to your instrument during the school year, we can pick up the instrument from your child’s school and drop off there, saving you a trip.
  • Flexibility
    • Just giving band a try? Don’t get locked into a contract that you won’t use. Our contract is month to month, and the instrument can be returned or exchanged at any time.
    • Does your child want to switch to a different instrument like sax or bass clarinet or tuba? Some teachers don’t use these instruments in beginning band, but save them for the second year. With our contract, you can exchange for any other instrument and keep the credit you have earned.
  • Finances
    • Buying a brand new instruments can be expensive! (And those that are not, like those available from big box stores or online giant retailers, are not typically worth buying due to cheap parts or shoddy labor, but that’s a whole other article.)
    • New instruments depreciate the minute you walk out the door, just like a car. To some people, buying brand new is worth it to have something that no one else has owned, but if you are budgeting your music dollars carefully, check out renting a used instrument as a cheaper option. You can still exchange for a new instrument later if you change your mind.
    • Renting is a good way to spread out cost because of our rent-to-own contract and the maintenance costs that are rolled into the contract.
    • Used instruments tend keep a static value (if kept in decent condition), or even appreciate sometimes. If you buy a used instrument to start with, chances are good that when your student is ready to upgrade or is finished with music, you will be able to recoup your cost, or even make a little extra back.
  • Instruments with proven track record
    • We talk to the teachers, we know what they like, and we make sure to carry it. Since we are in regular communication with your teacher, we keep up to date on the preferred brands, the books they teach from, and often times we even know what instruments they need in their band this year.
    • All of our instruments have been thoroughly checked out in our on-site shop, and been play-tested by professional technicians. We guarantee the playability of our instruments when they go out.
  • Easier than financing. No calls, no background check.
  • Convenience
    • If you rent at a rental night, you don’t even have to make an extra trip. We participate in rental nights for almost every Whatcom county school district.
    • You don’t have to wait for an instrument to be shipped to you, to try it out, ship it back if you don’t like it, etc. like you would with online retailers.
    • If you can’t make it to a rental night, Wind Works is conveniently located at 2405 Meridian, close to the freeway if you’re from out of town, and many Bellingham neighborhoods. Free parking behind and next to the store.
  • Comes with accessories to get started (at no extra charge)
    • Mouthpiece
    • Reeds (woodwinds)
    • All necessary lubricants
    • Strap (all saxes, bass clarinets and bassoons)
    • Swab (woodwinds)
    • Care instructions
  • No fee to return. If it doesn’t work out, drop the instrument off with us, and we terminate your contract that day. No restock fee, no penalties.
  • Comes with a free lesson to a local teacher who can work one on one with you to show you:
    • How to hold it
    • How to make your first sound
    • Basic beginner tips

Why not rent?

  • We hear people say they think they will spend more in the long run if they rent instead of buy. Do you really, though? Maybe if you were doing rent-only, but with our contract (on every one of our rental instruments except english horn), you rent to own, get 15% off for early payoff, and it ends up being cheaper than buying the same instrument at the new retail price.
  • If you buy, just know that kids are rough on instruments in the first year as they learn how to take care of them, and repair costs add up, especially if you’re doing them a lot.
  • If you like your instrument, you can payoff at any time, and we offer 15% off if you pay off early. Many parents choose to rent for the first year until they are sure that their student is committed, then pay off in the second year. If you choose to just keep renting, most of our instrument pay off between 3 -4 years.

Why buy?

  • There is a sense of commitment that people seem to like.
  • No contract, no autopays, (unless you finance) and you walk out the door knowing that you own the instrument.
  • Get a teacher approved instrument – Boom! Already done for you. We know what the teachers like, and we stock it. No research necessary.

Why get involved in music at all?

  • Invest in a skill that no one can take away from you, and that will last your whole life. “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet 
  • Music is math, physical education, science (chemistry, physics, biology), language (Italian, German, French), business, technology, and social studies (geography, history, humanities), all rolled into one.
  • Students in music are more likely to have better grades, stay in school, avoid substance abuse, and a host of other benefits, which are well-documented and supported by science.
  • Stay with the same teacher and set of students throughout time at school and create that sense of continuity, rather than switching teachers every year.
  • Music teaches discipline, participation, creativity, leadership, and teamwork.
  • By renting from Wind Works, you will be supporting a local business that in turn, supports your school and music community, and has done for 18+ years.

Ready to rent? Come on in and we’ll set you up with whatever you’re looking for. Don’t have time to get in to the store? Rent online here, and we can deliver to your child’s school.