Woodwind Estimates

What’s the difference between PC, COA and Overhaul? See the sidebar for the definitions of some of our terms.

Piccolo, Student$90$140$425
Piccolo, Non-pro Wood$150$280start at $635
Piccolo, Pro Wood$150$305by estimate only
Flute, Student$75$120$425
Flute, Intermediate/ Open Hole$95$175$560
Flute, Pre-professional$180$280by estimate only
Flute, Professional$180by estimate onlyby estimate only
Clarinet, Plastic$75$140$425
Clarinet, Pro/Wood$105$280 nickel keys
$315 silver keys
Bass Clarinet, Plastic$140 starting cost$280$710
Bass Clarinet, Pro/Wood$280$420 - $560$1230 starting
Other Harmony Clarinetsby estimate onlyby estimate onlyby estimate only
Oboe, Student plastic simplified system$90$175$550
Add $150 for wood
Oboe, Intermediate$175$315$750
Add $150 for wood oboes.
Oboe, Professional or Full Conservatory Model $210$560$965
Add $150 for wood oboes.
Bassoon, Plastic$175$420$950 starting
Bassoon, Wood$190$455$950 starting
Soprano Sax, Student$120$280
Soprano Sax, Pro/Vintage$210 - $280$420$975 starting
Alto Sax, Student$90$245$710
Alto Sax, Pro/Vintage$150$350$1100 starting, by estimate only
Tenor Sax, Student$90$245$780
Tenor Sax, Pro/Vintage$210 - $240$350$1250 starting, by estimate only
Bari Sax, Student$180 - $240$420
Bari Sax, Pro/Vintage$350$560$1400 starting, by estimate only
Other Harmony Saxesby estimate onlyby estimate onlyby estimate only

Case Repairs

Latch(es) 1 for $30
2 for $25 ea
Case Strap$30
Handle$35 - $45
Tape job$33
Replace feet/corners$15/corner
Reinforce wobbly edges$12/'L' shaped brace
Interior gluing$15
Wheels$100 starting, by estimate only

Other case repairs available by quote: Replace case feet, reinforcing cases, cosmetic work, adding or replacing mouthpiece holders, adding or replacing compartments, custom setups



    All of our prices listed on this website are estimates ONLY. Since there is no way for us to estimate an instrument over the phone, we do not quote repair jobs without being able to see them. This allows us to give accurate estimates and avoids frustration on the part of the you, our customer. 

    To help avoid confusion we’ve defined some of the terms we use below. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    PC: Play Condition

    This is the option most commonly quoted on woodwind repairs. It includes all necessary repairs to keep your woodwinds playing in good condition but does not include cleaning or complete disassembly. This is a more budget friendly way to keep woodwinds in good maintenance. It’s important to have woodwinds cleaned as regularly as possible, but we understand that this is a budget concern for many, so we offer regular PCs as a good alternative. (It is important to note that sometimes a PC is not sufficient to make an instrument play. Consider this like an oil change for your car. If the engine isn’t working, the oil change isn’t going to help.)

    COA: Clean, Oil, Adjust

    For our woodwind repairs this is the option we recommend for annual cleanings. The instrument is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and serviced. We can spend all the time needed to completely clean and polish the instrument inside and out and address all issues while the instrument is apart. We also remove and replace key oil from all mechanisms, replace missing and worn key materials, and can clean pad and tone hole surfaces which helps prevent sticking pads. This option includes minor dent work.  It’s recommended woodwind COAs be quoted every two to three years minimally when possible.

    Prices listed are based on instruments with normal wear and tear. Estimates will be provided before work is done. On rare occasions, the need for additional repairs may be uncovered after the work has begun. We will let you know if this is likely, and if this occurs, we will notify you and come to an agreement with you before proceeding with any additional work.  For any repairs not listed, please inquire by phone at 360-733-5840.

    All estimates are good for 60 days after the date the estimate is made.