Two rows of brass lubricants: on the top a line of white needle oiler bottles with green writing and green caps, and on the bottom, a variety of bottles of valve oils.

Choosing the right oil or grease for you can be overwhelming. Let us help you make the decision that’s right for your instrument.

Keep your instrument running smoothly with your favorite valve oils and slide greases. We carry the full line of Hetman products, as well as a long list of favorite brands. Don’t see yours below? Let us know, and we will get it in for you.

valve oils

  • Hetman #1-3 (light, regular and classic)
  • Yamaha synthetic valve oils in light, regular and Vintage
  • Clark Terry valve oil
  • Al Cass valve oil
  • Blue Juice valve oil
  • Ultra Pure valve oil
  • Denis Wick valve oil
  • Holton valve oil
  • Lynzoil valve oil

rotary oils

  • Hetman #11-15 (for rotary valves and bearing and linkages)
  • Holton Rotary Oil

tuning slide greases

  • Bach tuning slide grease (our in-shop choice for tuning slides and cork grease)
  • Hetman #4-8
  • Superslick
  • Yamaha slide oil

trombone slide greases

  • Hetman #20
  • Superslick Slide Cream
  • Slide O Mix (light and regular)
  • Yamaha slide cream
  • Yamaha slide lubricant
  • Trombotine

key oils

  • Hetman #16-18 (light, medium, heavy)