Two shelves of unique looking wooden mutes, trombone cup mutes on the top row and trumpet cup and straight mutes on the bottom row. Mutes are arranged in gradiant of the wood, from darkest on the left to lightest on the right.

Several of our Facet mutes in different styles and tonewoods, from spruce to walnut and everything in between. Facet mutes are handmade in Colorado and have a wide range of sounds.

Whether you are swinging in a big band, have a con sordino passage to execute perfectly, or just experimenting with finding more colors for your palette, we have a mute for you. Come in a try out the mutes of your choice in our comfortable and well-appointed tryout room. Below are many of the brands we carry.


Handmade in Colorado, Facet mutes use the highest quality tonewoods and CNC manufacturing to produce these works of art that play extremely well. Each type of hardwood produces a different signature sound, and for that reason we maintain a variety of woods available for you to test. Wooden mutes allow your sound to resonate, (rather than be reflected or altered), for the best sound at all dynamic ranges. We are excited to be able to offer these singular and beautiful mutes to you. Available for trumpet and trombone.

Humes & Berg

The classic red and white stonelined mute that everyone knows and loves. Affordable, durable and used in band rooms and gigs everywhere. In stock for trumpets/cornets, trombones, French horn, euphonium. Available for tuba and sousaphone by special order as well.

Denis Wick

Made in Dorset, England, Denis Wick mutes are used in professional symphonies and community groups the world over. From small beginnings, Denis Wick has grown to become one of the leading makers of brass instrument accessories in the world. The mutes that he designed are loved by brass players and bring a huge palette of different colors to any brass section. In stock for trumpet and trombone.


Only the highest quality, hand-spun aluminum is used in the production of a Jo-Ral mute. Manufactured here in the United States, the proper amount of time and care is dedicated to make sure each mute is tested to perform evenly across all registers, creating near-perfect intonation. Jo-Ral even goes one step beyond to offer alternative copper and brass bases to push the complexity even further—broadening the musician’s capabilities and delivering truly groundbreaking artistic expression. Wind Works maintains stock for trumpet and trombone.

Tom Crown

Made by Tom Crown himself and endorsed by the Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera, heavily researched and developed with great attention to detail, Tom Crown mutes are among the best available on the market today. Tom Crown began to make mutes in 1969 and has continued to experiment and make changes to this day. Made of spun aluminum with a variety of metal caps available, these mutes have a lovely tone with impact. Available for trumpet, trombone and French horn.

Liberty Practice Mutes

Protec’s Liberty aluminum mutes are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and materials, excellent playability, while being value priced. Compact practice mutes are practically free-blowing and allow players to quietly warm up before a performance and are small enough to store inside a bell. Available for trumpet, trombone and French horn.

Yamaha Silent Brass

Offering a significantly more elevated experience than a standard practice mute, the Yamaha Silent Brass system allows you to practice anywhere, anytime without disturbing anyone around you. Made up of two components, this system offers you the opportunity to practice with multiple environments (concert hall or practice room), or separate the two parts and simply play with a practice mute that doesn’t force you to play with so much back-pressure. Available for all brass instruments.