capos, slides and steels

A range of guitar, ukulele, banjo and other strings are arranged with capos, picks and peg winders on a white background.

A selection of accessories for fretted strings such as picks, strings, peg winders, capos, steels, and slides.

Capos, slides and steels are an essential part of any fretted string player’s arsenal. Come in and find the perfect accompaniment to your sound.

steels (for lap and pedal steels)

Shubb: Made of solid stainless steel, Shubb guitar steels are designed by musicians with the special demands of today’s playing styles in mind. They offer unique design features not found on any other bars, including cutaway ends for improved control, and a semi-bullet tip which facilitates movement across the strings.

Stevens: The Stevens Steel Tone Bar is the original, used by the likes of Mike Auldridge, Josh Graves and Fred Travers. Chromium plated for excellent tone and durability, with a contour design for comfortable fit and precision control. The Stevens Guitar Steel has been the standard of Hawaiian Guitar and bluegrass professionals for over 70 years.


We have capos for classical guitar, standard acoustic guitar, banjo (including fifth string), mandolin and ukulele


The most requested sprung capo, Kyser capos are made in Texas and used the world over.


The finest adjustable tension capo on the market, available for all guitars, ukulele, mandolin and banjo


A more affordable capo, ratchet style tension.


A cloth capo, appropriate for beginners.


We currently have a small variety of Dunlop slides, and are beginning to build up our stock of them, so if there are any other brands or styles that you think we should carry, please let us know here.

When choosing a slide, keep the material in mind. Glass is a warmer tone, while metal has an edge that some players prefer. Ceramic slides fall somewhere inbetween. Come in and decide for yourself!