This page is currently under construction, but will be ready for the holiday season 2018. Keep checking back for new ideas!

We have gifts and gift ideas for every music lover in your life, from the player to the appreciator, arranged by instrument for your convenience.


The Appreciator

We have lots of gifts for people who may not be musicians themselves, but love it nonetheless. Consider an embroidered scarf, the gift of lessons (if they’ve always wanted to learn), or a simple instrument like tin whistle or shaker, or a keychain or clothing item proclaiming their love of music.

Any of the following items would be appropriate for someone who loves all kinds of music: lyre keychain, treble or bass clef earrings and necklaces, music tote bag, 8th note ice cube tray, “When Words Fail, Music Speaks” necklace, “Music Makes Sense” necklace, music note bow tie or suspenders, a tin whistle or auto-harp (the perfect beginner instruments), music note suspenders, holiday ornament, note-shaped cookie cutter, music-related mugs, socks, or gloves.

The Band or Orchestra Parent

We LOVE band and orchestra parents. They are the lifeblood of the school programs, and we support them as they support their students. Proclaim your love of them with a necklace that says “Band Mom” or a “Music Makes Sense” keychain.

Any of the following items would be sure to be loved by a band or orchestra parent: “Band Mom” necklace, earrings or a keychain, a music tote to carry all those snacks and water to and from practice, a music dictionary so they can help a student interpret their music, a Silent Brass system or practice pad to ease tired ears, or socks, ties, jewelry or keychains that show their support of their student.

The Teacher

Those tireless women and men who deal with class sizes twice that of their cohorts who all have noisemakers, and do it all with a smile on their faces. Or those who patiently coach and encourage a single student from beginner to expert and then send them out into the musical world. We salute teachers, and if you do too, a little gift is sure to keep that smile going. Try a portfolio bag to help them corral their sheet music, or a bookkeeping or practice record book to help them keep their lesson times straight. There is also the perennial favorite: a bust of their favorite composer, or a new baton. Help them do their own repairs with a copy of the book “Stuff Band Directors Should Know”. Or maybe a simple pencil, because we all know that teachers always lose their pencils to students.


The Vocalist

Do you know what clef your vocalist sings in? We have gift ideas for both vocal clefs, and music for them too! Try a new lieder anthology, or a pitch pipe to keep them on track during rehearsal. How about a new fancy folder, or a cute microphone eraser? They might appreciate a Christmas ornament of a singing mouse, or some earrings shaped like ribbon mics!

The Pianist


The Violinist

The Violist

The Cellist

The Bassist


The Flute Player

The Oboist

The Clarinetist

The Sax Player

The Bassoonist

The Trumpet Player

The French Horn Player

The Trombonist

The Low Brass player

The Percussionist


The Guitarist

The Banjo Player

The Mandolinist

The Uke Player

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