shoulder rests and stops

Several fretted string accessories arranged on a white background.

We are building up our selection of string accessories, such as wolf note silencers, stops, damp-its and shoulder rests.

Shoulder rests for violin and viola and stops for bass and cello are necessities for comfort and ease of play, but are so unique to the player that we carry a good variety so that you will be sure to find something that suits your needs.

We stock the following brands, and are always happy to make special orders for you. If you are a string teacher and have an item you would like us to carry for your students, let us know, and we will be happy to stock it.


Practical, precise and the perennial favorite, requested by many teachers. Original and Collapsible versions available


Innovative style and comfort, with a curvature that helps to train the correct playing angle.


An excellent choice for the student musician who is still growing, the Artino adjusts to fit instruments size 1/8-4/4, so your shoulder rest can grow with you.


Sturdy, durable, and adjustable. This metal framed shoulder rest is an affordable option used in orchestra programs all over the country.


A C-shaped, cloth-covered rest that straps to your instrument and adjusts for comfort.

We also have basic “marshmallow” and sponge style pads for smaller instruments.

For your chinrest, we stock Gel pads. These are comfortable lined pads that attach to your chinrest with pressure-sensitive adhesive and conform to the shape of your chin.

For stops for cello and bass, we have the brands requested by teachers.

Paganini and RockStop brand rockstops

The classic ‘Black Hole’ style rubber bases with brass cup.


A favorite amongst teachers, the Xeros attaches to your chair for extra security, and is fully adjustable.


a small clear silicon based pad that prevents your endpin from scratching and swerving. Extremely portable.