A spread out row of bass drum and timpani heads, ranging from 32" down to 20".

A collection of our bass drum and timpani drum heads.

Several stacked boxes of marching drum heads.

We’ve got your head covered in case of emergency!

Drum heads in stock as of September 2018

SNARES14” Powerstroke 77 Snare Side Clear13” G2 Coated Batter14” Ambassador Coated Batter
14” Ambassador Clear Snare Side (No collar)13” Snare Side 300 Clear Dot14” Marching Kevlar White

14” G2 Coated Batter
13” Ambassador Coated Batter Head14” Snare Side 300 Clear Dot
14” Snare Side MS3 1 ply clear
14” Marching Snare Side Hybrid 1 ply
14” Marching Batter Hybrid-S 1 Ply
TENORS6” Marching EC2S Clear
8” Marching EC2S Clear
10” Marching EC2S Clear
12” Marching EC2S Clear
13” Marching EC2S Clear
14 “Marching EC2S Clear
TOMS8” Batter – Pinstripe Clear6” Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
18” Powerstroke 3 Clear Dot Coated Batter8” Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
10” Marching Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
12” Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
13” Ambassador Coated White
13” Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
14” Pinstripe Clear with Crimplock
BASS24” Coated Pinstripe18” Batter EQ4 Clear 1 Ply
29” Marching18” Batter EQ3 Coated White
29” Marching - Weather King Pinstripe Clear18” G1 Clear
TIMPANI25” Hazy25” White
26” Hazy29” White
31” Hazy
34” Hazy