sticks and mallets

A head on shot of various nylon tipped drumstick in a clear plastic tower.

Whether you play jazz or rock, we’ve got a pair of sticks for you.

From oak to rattan, we have been stocking up on sticks and mallets to satisfy our percussion customers. We are still adding models, so let us know if you don’t see something you need us to carry!


Vic Firth

American Classic –  Made from hickory specifically selected for its density and flexibility, these sticks have added durability and a clear tone. Wood or Nylon tip. 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, Rock.

American Custom

With a round tip, these are ideal for orchestra or pit playing. SD2 Bolero, General.

Ralph Hardimon Tenor Sticks & Mallets

Full sized shaft with exceptionally large barrel tip for a big sound with great clarity.  Ralphie Jr., Hardimon, Hardimon Tenor.

Tom Aungst

A long, “reverse tear drop” tip and moderately long taper. Rebounds with ease and has a bold sound.

JoJo Mayer

Great for a big sound with little weight. Nylon tip. SJM


Shira Kashi Wood Tip

A short, light stick that works well for jazz and for playing at low volumes. Wood tip. Oak 7A

Shira Kashi Nylon Tip

These sticks play with a bright, articulate sound at a variety of volumes. Nylon tip. 2B, 5B, 7A.

Neil Peart

Has a warmer, darker tone for higher-volume playing. Wood tip. Oak 747.

A colorful array of mallets with heads with differing sizes and colors.

Mallets in every shape, size, strength and color.

Mallets – This section under construction. Check back soon!

Mike Balter

Mike Balter mallets are demanded by most of our area teachers, and have a reputation for high quality and workability. Available in birch and rattan handles, soft to hard strengths, used mostly for vibes.



Vic Firth



Silver Fox


American Drum