A wooden rack of various woodwind ligatures, set upon a olive green carpet.

A tester kit of ligatures, available to try out at your leisure in our practice room.

Ligatures are an often overlooked secret weapon in upgrading your instrument. They can be an easy way to spice up your sound without breaking the bank. Come in and try some of our high-quality ligatures in our testing room, and see how easy it is to refine your setup!

The principle behind a ligature is that it should allow your reed to vibrate as freely as possible, while holding it securely to the mouthpiece. Material, thickness, and point of contact all have an impact on how your sound can change.

how to test a ligature

First, come in with a good idea of what you sound like on your current setup (mouthpiece, ligature, reed brand and strength). Then, figure out what you would like to change about your sound. Is there another player you would like to sound like? Has your teacher told you that something needs to change? Do you want a sound that is brighter? Darker? Edgier? Warmer? Our expert salespeople can help you find a ligature that suits the sound you are looking for


Dark: The classic band teacher’s favorite ligature. Dark and warm, affordable, and durable. Available for all woodwind mouthpieces.

Mark III: Similar to the Dark ligature, but with added oomph. Available for most saxes and clarinets.

Versa: Adjustable to you, the Versa has a big rich sound with total tonal control. Available for most saxes and clarinets.

Legacy: Designed to provide an edge and superior projection, the Legacy holds your tone and intonation even at the loudest volume. Available for most saxes and clarinets.


4 dot: The affordable metal ligature – the good first step up from a stock ligature. The four dot design allows less contact between the metal and the reed, while being affordable to produce. Available for the full range of saxes and clarinets.

H-style: Modeled after the old Harrison ligatures, this retro version uses a four point pressure system and inverted screws. Available for the full range of saxes and clarinets


Cuir: A leather ligature with three interchangeable plates (2 leather, 1 metal) make for a pleasing dark sound that you can customize.  Available for most saxes and clarinets.

Optimum: A metal ligature with three interchangeable metal plates with different pressure points create the opportunity for greater freedom in your sound. Available for most saxes and clarinets.

M/O: A combination of lightweight material and minimal contact points make for crisp articulation and clear tone. Available for most saxes and clarinets.

Francois Louis:

An excellent ligature for projection, with a single non-inverted screw and hollow rails to provide sympathetic vibration to enhance your sound. Available for most clarinets and saxes.


Carefully designed for free response and to enhance the harmonic partials. A cord-style ligature with feet that contact the mouthpiece.  Available for most clarinets and saxes.


A basic metal ligature designed specifically for Yamaha mouthpieces. Available for most clarinets and saxes


A decent step-up metal ligature, specially requested by a local teacher. Available for clarinet and alto sax.