A wooden rack of clarinet mouthpieces, sans ligatures and reeds, viewed from above.

Try before you buy. We encourage testing mouthpieces to find the right fit, so you can be assured of finding the perfect piece for your style.

woodwind mouthpieces

Finding the right mouthpiece is one of the most important steps in your journey as a musician. We carry many brands of mouthpieces, from beginner appropriate ones to high end professional hard rubber and metal mouthpieces. Come in and try any mouthpiece in the store in our mouthpiece testing room, or borrow a couple in our trial kit and check them out in the comfort and acoustics of your own home (requires in-person signature).

A word about mouthpieces:

At Bellingham Wind Works, we understand that both beginning and professional players need a mouthpiece that fits their horn, their level of proficiency, and the type of sound desired. Often this is a combination of the shape of the players lips, tongue, and mouth cavity; the ability of the musician, and the demands of the music. We have studied the specifications and unique qualities of mouthpieces carefully with an intent to help the player choose the proper mouthpiece setup.

Additionally, for the new player, each teacher has a preference for their students’ mouthpieces. We work hard to stay current on both school and private teachers’ preferences. If you are a local music teacher, let us know your preference and your contact information and we will add you to the list! You are also welcome to come in with your student to try mouthpieces.

We believe you should be able to try a mouthpiece before you buy it. If your current mouthpiece is not meeting your needs, please come in and see us! We carry a wide variety of facings, materials, and chamber shapes to accommodate as many players as possible.

Below is a partial list of the new brands we carry. We have a huge stock of used mouthpieces that rotates more frequently than we can update, including a good many vintage pieces. We have linked to the manufacturer’s websites where possible (Conn-Selmer and Yamaha’s are a bit limited) so that you can research on your own, but we are happy to answer your questions based on our own experience and that of other players we have talked to. We would love to hear your opinion as well.

Clarinet family – new stock

Bb Clarinet: Backun, D’Addario, Hite, Larry Combs, Meyer, Theo Wanne, Vandoren, Yamaha

Bass Clarinet: Backun, Portnoy, Selmer, Vandoren

Eb Clarinet: Selmer, Yamaha

Alto Clarinet: Selmer, Yamaha


We have many vintage mouthpieces on consignment, for all kinds of horns.

Saxophone family – new stock

Soprano Sax: Rousseau, Selmer, Theo Wanne, Vandoren, Yamaha

Alto Sax: D’Addario, Hite, Meyer, Otto Link, Rousseau, Selmer, Theo Wanne, Vandoren, Yamaha

Tenor Sax: D’Addario, Hite, Meyer, Otto Link, Rousseau, Selmer, Theo Wanne, Vandoren, Yamaha

Bari Sax: Meyer, Otto Link, Rousseau, Selmer, Theo Wanne, Vandoren, Yamaha

Sopranino Sax: Selmer