Four brass instruments lay upon a glass counter.

We consign all kinds of brass instruments, from alto horn to trumpets and trombones, to french horn. Come in to see the latest brass on the wall.

Want to consign with us? Bring your instrument in or give us a call at 360-733-5840. Please see our consignment policy at the bottom of the page.

Updated: 5/3/19


Conn 6B “Victor” (Vintage Pro) – SOLD


Great condition, coprion lead pipe, in need of minor repairs.

Includes K&M trumpet stand, lyre, Bach 5C and 7C Mouthpieces, original case with key and towel.

Stomvi ML Debut (intermediate)

$700 OBO

Very good condition, recently serviced by Bellingham Wind Works.

Silver plated, includes case, mouthpiece, and polish cloth.

Jupiter JTR-606 (student)

$450 OBO

Good condition, needs lyre screw ($4), and could use an ultrasonic cleaning ($80).

Includes mouthpiece

Bach TR300 (student)

$400 OBO

OK condition, a few dents in the bell

Comes with a gig bag

Yamaha YTR 6340ST (Pro) – SOLD


Silver plated pro model, trigger/lever action 1st slide, ready to play today. Some minor scratches and bell dents, small wear through to silver plating.

Comes with original case, mouthpiece, stand, mute, and mute stand attachment

Olds Recording (Pro) – SOLD


In very good condition, 90% original lacquer, needs a cleaning

Comes with 2 straight and 1 cup mute, 2 mouthpieces, a Pro-Tec case, and valve and mouthpiece brushes

Selmer L990 (Pro) – SOLD


Needs repair and servicing

Comes with Bach 5C and 7C mouthpieces, 3 straight mutes, stand, and slide grease

Getzen 300 (Student)

$200 OBO

Playable, with red rot in tuning slide. Needs repair and servicing.

Includes Bach 3C, 5C, and 7C mouthpieces, cleaning supplies, and lubricants.


Conn Vocabell 40A

$1100 OBO

Manufactured in 1937, tight wrap, heavy weight, #2 Bore, .468″, recently serviced in our shop.

Includes original case, lyre, mouthpiece, original care sheet.

Bach Long Model Stradivarius

$1000 firm

Needs a cleaning, has stuck slides, but no dents. Beautiful instrument.

Comes with original case, Bach 7C and Rudy Muck 17C mouthpieces, Harmon mute, adjustable cup/straight mute, cleaning rod, lyre and mount, clear plastic valve casing cover, original sales booklet and customer information, signed by Vincent Bach

Conn Conn-stellation

$850 OBO

Very good condition, small patches of lacquer wear.

Recently cleaned by owner, felts, corks, and springs replaced in shop.

Buescher Model 15

$150 OBO

Playable as is, worn silver plating, no stuck slides, quite clean inside, minor dents and dings, obvious prior repairs.

Instrument only, no accessories or case.

.490″ Bore, 4 5/8″ Bell, nice engraving. Recommended valve job and replacement case.


Yamaha YFH-6310Z “Bobby Shew” (Pro)

$1650 OBO

Good condition, one ding in bell.

Includes case, two mouthpieces, and stand.

French Horns

Conn single in F (Student)

$350 OBO

In playable condition as is

Comes with a case, no mouthpiece

Holton double H378 model (Pro)

$2500 OBO

Good condition, recommended basic cleaning.

Includes mouthpiece and case.

Holton double H177 model (Pro)

$2500 OBO

In mint condition, nickel silver, medium throat (smaller than Conn 8D), bright tone, very notchy

Comes with original Holton Farkas MC mouthpiece, original case in very good condition, valve oil.

Holton double H179 model (Pro)

$2500 OBO

All nickel horn in good shape with minor dents, scratches, repairs done. Ready to play, no stuck slides or sluggish valves. Made in 1972.

Kruspe-style, .468″ Bore, 12 1/4″ Bell, Large throat.

Bach double 1102 (Intermediate)

$1600 OBO

Needs cleaning, minor dent work. Made in Japan by Yamaha for Bach. .472″ Bore, Rose brass leadpipe, 12 1/8″ Yellow brass bell. Geyer-style, string rotor valves with adjustable and reversible thumb trigger. Nickel silver inner and outer slides.


Bundy ML model (student)

$350 OBO

Nice condition, playable as is

70’s era Bundy, designed by Vincent Bach in silver, comes with case, no mouthpiece

Yamaha YSL-354 (student)

$350 OBO

Good condition, purchased from Wind Works in early 2018, serviced at that time.

Comes with mouthpiece and case

Getzen Eterna 700 (Pro) – SOLD

$650 OBO

In good playing condition, minor cosmetic dents

Comes with Bach 15D mouthpiece, no case

King 4B (Pro)

$850 OBO

In good playing condition, minor lacquer wear

Large bore tenor, Comes with gold Bach 6.5 AL, tuning slide grease and a case

XO JSL-1032 (Pro)

$950 OBO

Minor dents and scratches on tuning slide

Comes with mouthpiece, cleaning rod, nice case

Olds Recording (Pro) – SOLD


In good playing condition, minor lacquer wear

Comes with Olds #3 mouthpiece, original case

King 2B (Pro)

$1100 OBO

Minor scratches, otherwise in nice condition

Comes with cleaning rod and mouthpiece

Baritones and Euphoniums

No consignment baritones/euphoniums at this time.


Miraphone 186-4U Series 4-Valve 4/4 BBb (Pro)

$7000 OBO

Excellent condition, very light use, very minor dents and scratches.

With a rich, classic German sound, precision craftsmanship, and excellent projection and intonation, the Miraphone 186 Tuba is a longstanding industry standard.

Includes MTS rolling hard shell case.

Conn 20J Artist Recording, Bell front (old Pro) – SOLD


Serial number indicates a manufacture date of around 1955, no accessories

York Eb Recording

$750 OBO

Playable as is, but doesn’t have the best tuning.

Comes with its own special mouthpiece

Other Brass

Reynolds Contempora Alto Horn (Pro)

$395 OBO

Vintage pro model with years of use and some abuse.

Includes Bach A6 mouthpiece, valve oil, and case.

consignment policy

Why consign?

The better question is why do you want the hassle of selling your instrument yourself? With auction sites like Ebay, you will end up paying 15% or more in shipping and transaction fees, and you’ll still have to do all the work yourself, not to mention the risk of giving personal info to or meeting strangers.  Our fee is only 20%, and we take care of the write-up, photography, listing, advertising, meet-ups and shipping if necessary. We have a 20+ years of experience with evaluating and selling instruments and accessories, and wide reach to customers online and in the real world, let us spread the word for you. All you have to do is drop the instrument off, and wait for a check in the mail.

to the seller

Thank you for considering consigning your instrument with Bellingham Wind Works! We want to help you reach the serious customers that frequent Wind Works. To protect your investment, all instruments brought in are thoroughly inspected and evaluated by our consignment team, and any work needed is noted so that you and the buyer are on the same page. Our consignment team will help you determine a fair selling price according to market conditions and work needed, and whether or not offers will be accepted.  You always have the final say in whether or not your instrument sells – we always contact you first before accepting any offers. Your instrument will be displayed in the shop (if space allows, which it usually does), in our consignment book and on our website and possibly social media, and our sales folks will promote your instrument to interested parties in the shop.  We charge a flat 20% consignment fee. If you want to pick your instrument up before it has sold, you are welcome to do so at any time. We do reserve the right to recommend that you not consign an instrument if the cost of repairs needed exceeds the value of the instrument.

to the buyer

We value all of our customers highly, and in order to protect both buyer and seller, all instruments consigned with us are thoroughly inspected and approved by our consignment team before being offered for sale. We do not accept returns or do trial periods on consignments, therefore we suggest that you come in and try out the instrument you are interested in the comfort and privacy of our testing room. All instruments are sold in the condition in which they are consigned, and work needed is noted before the instrument is posted or displayed, so that buyer and seller alike are aware of the condition of the instrument and can decide for themselves who will be responsible for the work necessary. (Most instruments that need work end up being serviced here at Wind Works.) We want everyone to be happy with the deal they get, so please let us know if you see any issues.