Two curved soprano saxophones lie opposing each other on a two toned polished concrete background. A brass one on a grey background, upside down, and a silver one, upright, on a light black background.

Two of our soprano saxes on consignment, a Pierret and a Conn.

Want to consign with us? Bring your instrument in or give us a call at 360-733-5840. Please see our consignment policy at the bottom of the page.

Updated: 03/17/21


Haynes Handmade, open holes, solid silver (pro)

$6250 OBO

Plays as is, but needs work.

One previous owner, purchased new in 1969. Solid silver, open hole, soldered tone holes, in-line G, French pointed key arms. The pads are used but serviceable. Needs cleaned, oiled, and adjusted, but would benefit from an overhaul.

Tomasi 10S-GO

Excellent condition, open hole, solid silver body, solid silver headjoint w/14k gold riser, split E mechanism, offset G, B-foot, french pointed key arms.

Includes additional headjoint with grenadilla lip plate and case.

Azumi AZ2SRBEO (Intermediate)

$1200 OBO

Excellent condition

Includes plugs, cleaning rod, French case, and cover.

Jupiter Prodigy 509S

$750 OBO

Excellent condition, recently serviced in our shop

Includes swab, polish cloth, and stand.

Emerson EF1

$350 OBO

Good condition. Older pads, but plays well.

Includes case and cleaning rod.

Yamaha YFL-461 (Intermediate) – SOLD


New flute, open hole, solid silver head joint and body, silver plated keys, offset G.

Artley 9-0, B foot, open holes, solid silver body (Pro) – SOLD


In good condition – silver not worn, tiny dent in body

Case sold separately

International Woodwinds Bass Flute – SOLD


in like new condition

Comes with case, polishing cloth



Haynes Solid Silver

$1200 OBO

Good condition, recently serviced in our shop. Handmade, solid silver.

Includes case


Oboe family

Rigoutat wood full conservatory (Pro) – SOLD


In playable condition, but would benefit from a service

All cork pads, comes with original case in good condition and reed case

Selmer wood

$750 OBO

Good condition, but keys are a bit tarnished.

Comes with cleaning brush, thumb rest cushion, reed guard, 2 medium reeds, 1 med soft reed, 1 soft reed, 2 swabs, cleaning rod, cork grease

Loree Royal Full Conservatory (Pro) – SOLD


Excellent condition. Full conservatory with gold-plated keys.

Includes case, cork grease, and screwdriver.


English Horns

Fossati Tiery

$6200 OBO

Excellent Condition. Made in 2012, Full conservatory, full plateau system, Grenadilla wood, Silver keys.

Includes Case, 2 silver bocals, strap, reed case.

“Le Maire” (Le Bret) stencil, wood  – SOLD


Automatic octave mechanism and ring system, in playable condition, could use some restoration

Comes with 1 bocal, mostly skin pads

Buffet, wood – SOLD


Recently overhauled, Teflon tip adjustment screws, and Selmer adjustable gold plated thumb rest

Comes with case (can also hold an oboe), 2 bocals, original cork grease container, screwdriver

Seller’s note re: the bocals:  Should be replaced with Loree 2H



Old Special / Schreiber – SOLD


Good condition

Includes Miraphone bocal, case.


Clarinet family

Selmer Paris Recital Bb Clarinet (Pro)

$5250 OBO

Mint condition, Purchased new in 2020, lightly used for about 1 month

Includes original hard case.


Buffet S1 Bb/A Clarinet Set (Pro)

$2750 OBO

Very good condition, Includes triple case (Eb, Bb, A) and swab.

Super Grange Grenadilla Bb Clarinet

$495 OBO

LeBlanc LL 1176 wood (Pro)

$450 firm

Made prior to 1960, needs an overhaul (wood in good condition)

silver-plated keys (plating in good condition), comes with case, reed holders

Vito Reso-Tone 3 (Student)

$300 OBO

In playable condition, could use a small amount of service, but should get a student through their 1st year.

Comes with mouthpiece, ligature, cap, swab, mouthpiece brush, and case

Jupiter JCL-710 (Student)

$450 OBO

Excellent, like new condition.

Includes mouthpiece, cap, and ligature.

LeBlanc 77 1176 wood (Pro) – SOLD


Made prior to 1960, in playable condition, but could use an overhaul

Post overhaul value would be $1200. Has silver-plated keys (plating in good condition), comes with original case, stand, Vandoren mouthpiece and Rovner ligature (Eddie Daniels)


Bass Clarinets

There are no consignment bass clarinets at this time.

Selmer Paris P Series (Pro) – SOLD


Very good condition, minor pulldown on neck, recently serviced in our shop.

Keyed to low Eb. Includes Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neckstrap, reeds, floor peg.

Selmer rosewood Contra Alto (Pro) – SOLD


Recently serviced (March 2018), in excellent condition

Comes with Selmer C* mouthpiece, ligature, floor peg, case


Soprano and Sopranino Saxophones

Antigua Winds Soprano (Student)

$650 OBO

Recently serviced, ready to play.

Includes Yamaha 4C MPC, Lig, Cap Imperial 5M MPC, Original Case

Evette Schaeffer Curved

$1650 OBO

In good condition with newer pads. Good adjustments.

Does not come with accessories.

Pierret Curved (Pro)

$1500 OBO, needs mechanical overhaul

Original silver plating in good condition, keyed to Eb. Comes with new ProTec case

Conn Curved (“Soloiste” stencil) (Pro)

$750 OBO, needs mechanical overhaul

Value post-overhaul would be $14-1500, has been relacquered, keyed to F

Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” C-Soprano – SOLD


Excellent condition, recently overhauled.

Includes original case, sax stand, neck strap, swab, Conn Eagle mouthpiece, Buffet ligature and cap.

Selmer Paris Series III Straight – Silver Plated (Pro) – SOLD


Very good condition, one owner, light use.

Pre-jubilee Series III, Includes case, Selmer C* mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neckstrap, shoulder strap, and two necks, one straight, curved.

1924 Buescher True Tone Sopranino (vintage Pro)  – SOLD

Very good condition, older pads but sealing well. Just given a clean, oil, and adjust in our shop.

Includes case, Selmer E mouthpiece, ligature, and cap.

Conn “Chu Berry” “New Wonder” Straight (Pro) – SOLD


In very good condition, worn pads likely at 1/2 life, good adjustments. Build date 1927, Original lacquer. Could be room for improvement with COA or overhaul eventually, but nice as is.

Comes with a case

Selmer Mark VI Straight (Pro) – SOLD


Build date 1979, has high F#, Very good condition, lots of life in pads, well-adjusted. There is room to benefit from a COA – it is ok as is, could be much smoother and quieter, and better action is possible.

Comes with case


Alto Saxophones

1937 Buescher Aristocrat (Vintage Pro)

$1850 OBO

Excellent condition. Overhauled in 2017, well-maintained. 01 Neck, Norton Springs, Original Snap-in Resonsators.

Includes original case

SML Revision D (Vintage Pro) – SOLD


Excellent condition

Vintage professional alto saxophone, rolled toneholes, manufactured in France in 1955. SML Saxophones are extremely well regarded, and were a strong competitor to the Selmer company in their time.

Case not included. Recommend Protec ProPac case ($147.20)

Selmer AS100 (Pro) – SOLD


In good condition, used recently, recently serviced with worn pads replaced

Comes with case and case cover

Conn 6M “Naked Lady” (Pro) – SOLD


Could play with a COA service, but would benefit from an overhaul

Value post-overhaul would be $2000, original lacquer in very good condition, original Mother of Pearl rollers, underslung octave mechanism, and microtuner neck


Tenor Saxophones

Selmer Paris Mark VI – 1973

$6750 OBO

One owner, original lacquer. Decent playing condition, recommend an overhaul within a year.

Includes original case and end plug.

Selmer Paris Reference 36 (Pro)

$4995 OBO

Excellent condition, recently given clean, oil, and adjust at Bellingham Wind Works.

Includes Original case, neck strap, reed guard.

Selmer USA TS100 (Pro)

$2195 Firm

Excellent condition, just serviced in our shop

Includes case and end plug.

Pan American – Martin Indiana Stencil (Student/Intermediate)

$600 OBO

Good condition overall. Needs a new neck cork and some service. Lacquer with Nickel-Plated keys.

Includes case.

Selmer Paris Reference 54 (Pro) – SOLD


Great condition, recently serviced in our shop.

Vintage matte finish.

Includes case.

King Super 20 Silver Sonic (Pro) – SOLD


Silver Sonic, solid silver bell, solid silver neck, no full pearls, no engraved bell keys.  Serial number #528***. In good condition, has older pads that still have life left in them. Plays nicely.

No accessories included

B&S Blue Label (Intermediate to Pro) – SOLD


Made in Communist East Germany, B&S Blue Labels were made 1960’s to late 70’s. Considered an upper model with pro features. In good condition, mostly Conn Resopads, well-installed and in good regulation. Quiet keywork, good player!

Comes with neck and case


Bari and Bass Saxophones

Orsi Contrabass Saxophone (Viewable by appointment only)

$36000 OBO

Prototype, built in Italy in early 1980s. Recently received a full mechanical overhaul by Bellingham Wind Works. Includes hardshell case, mouthpiece, and lyre.

Click here for a more complete description and photographs.

1964 Selmer Mark VI Low Bb Bari (Pro)

$4850 OBO

Freshly overhauled with Pisoni 118 pads and domed metal resonators.

Includes Protec ProPac case.

Noblet Bari

$1400 firm

Playable, recent work performed (2018), good value

Comes with case and harness

1920 Buescher Bass, Silver Plated – SOLD


Good condition, older pads but plays well as is. Could use playing condition service and replacement of a few pads, would benefit from an overhaul.

Includes case, mouthpiece, ligature, and cap.

1926 Buescher True-Tone Bari – SOLD


Excellent condition, beautiful lacquer. Low Bb to High F.

Includes original hard case, Rascher mouthpiece, Rovner ligature

King Super 20, 4th Generation Bari – SOLD


Good condition, relacquered. Recently serviced in our shop.

Solid silver neck, includes case.

Conn Trasitional Bari – SOLD


“Transitional” model, built in 1933, between New Wonder “Chu Berry” and 12M models. This horn has a fair amount of lacquer wear, and it is in great playing condition, having been recently serviced in our shop.

Includes case.

Conn Transitional Bari – SOLD


“Transitional” model, built 1932, between the “New Wonder” model and the M series model. Newer pads, good condition

No accessories included

Buescher Bass – SOLD


In good playing condition, serviced 2018 at Wind Works

Comes with case, mouthpiece, ligature


consignment policy

Why consign?

The better question is why do you want the hassle of selling your instrument yourself? With auction sites like Ebay, you will end up paying 15% or more in shipping and transaction fees, and you’ll still have to do all the work yourself, not to mention the risk of giving personal info to or meeting strangers.  Our fee is only 20%, and we take care of the write-up, photography, listing, advertising, meet-ups and shipping if necessary. We have a 20+ years of experience with evaluating and selling instruments and accessories, and wide reach to customers online and in the real world, let us spread the word for you. All you have to do is drop the instrument off, and wait for a check in the mail.

to the seller

Thank you for considering consigning your instrument with Bellingham Wind Works! We want to help you reach the serious customers that frequent Wind Works. To protect your investment, all instruments brought in are thoroughly inspected and evaluated by our consignment team, and any work needed is noted so that you and the buyer are on the same page. Our consignment team will help you determine a fair selling price according to market conditions and work needed, and whether or not offers will be accepted.  You always have the final say in whether or not your instrument sells – we always contact you first before accepting any offers. Your instrument will be displayed in the shop, in our consignment book and on our website and possibly social media, and our sales folks will promote your instrument to interested parties in the shop.  We charge a flat 20% consignment fee. If you want to pick your instrument up before it has sold, you are welcome to do so at any time. We do reserve the right to recommend that you not consign an instrument if the cost of repairs needed exceeds the value of the instrument.

to the buyer

We value all of our customers highly, and in order to protect both buyer and seller, all instruments consigned with us are thoroughly inspected and approved by our consignment team before being offered for sale. We do not accept returns or do trial periods on consignments, therefore we suggest that you come in and try out the instrument you are interested in the comfort and privacy of our testing room. All instruments are sold in the condition in which they are consigned, and work needed is noted before the instrument is posted or displayed, so that buyer and seller alike are aware of the condition of the instrument and can decide for themselves who will be responsible for the work necessary. (Most instruments that need work end up being serviced here at Wind Works.) We want everyone to be happy with the deal they get, so please let us know if you see any issues.