Wind Works carries a large variety of carefully chosen specific brands to meet the needs of all of our customers. From professional to student instruments, we understand that our customers want instruments that fit their playing style and ability. You want an instrument that is yours and yours alone, that makes YOU sound like the best version of you. All of our brands are top quality and inspected upon arrival to make sure that they meet our high standards.  All of our new instruments (and consignments) are available to try out in the comfort of our testing room, so that you can make an informed decision.

Brass brands that we stock:


2018 marked Bach’s centennial anniversary. They have been building professional brass instruments for the highest caliber players since the onset of the famous Bach Stradivarius model trumpets and trombones in 1925. Bach trumpets and trombones are found throughout the world across all genres of music. Bellingham Wind Works has the famous Vincent Bach Stradivarius trumpets and trombones, available today! Learn all about the various models here. 


Bellingham Wind Works is thrilled to offer you Conn brass instruments.  Beginning in the 1870s and continuing today, Conn has been a leader and innovator, and has set the mark for brass instrument manufacturing. C. G. Conn manufactured the first cornet, saxophone, BBb tuba and sousaphone ever built in the USTheir French Horns and trombones are especially revered today by professional musicians and can be found in most major symphonies in the US and worldwide. Bellingham Wind Works believes the Conn Vintage One flugelhorn to be one of the best flugelhorns available. Come try a Conn trombone, French horn or flugelhorn at Bellingham Wind Works today! See the full range of C.G. Conn instruments here.


Eastman’s motto is “Modern instruments; old fashioned quality. Eastman has had a very smart and successful rise in the brass instrument world, surprising the market with high quality instruments for every type of player. They are constantly soliciting criticism and improving their quality, and professional musicians are found on all types of instruments throughout Eastman’s brands. They are an easy and flexible company to work with and they work hard to make their customers happy. Check out Eastman Brass here

Low Brass

Eastman low brass is extraordinary! If you haven’t tried an Eastman French horn, tuba, trombone or compensating euphonium yet, then you owe it to yourself to come in and do so. Eastman has a brass instrument for every level of musician and at great prices. Your dollars stretch further with Eastman, and you can count on them being around for the long haul. 


High Brass

Eastman owns the S.E. Shires Company of Boston, whose motto “Quality without Compromise” spills into all the Eastman brand brass. Shires’ influence throughout the trombone and trumpet lines has created professional quality instruments at affordable prices by incorporating Shires designs and meticulous quality control directly into the Eastman brand brass factories. By working together, Shires and Eastman are producing well-made, consistent high-quality brass instruments surpassing players expectations and offering a competitive price point to the professional trumpet marketplace.    


Holton has been successfully building brass instruments in the US since 1893 and have been well respected since the beginning. Today they are known best for their fantastic Farkas Model French horns and mouthpieces, played by professionals the world over.  Read more about Frank Holton and the history of the Holton horns here.

Jupiter by KHS

From trumpets to sousaphones, Jupiter builds high quality brass used the world over. For over 25 years Jupiter has been methodically improving its production process and quality of its instruments. They listen to customers’ concerns, they listen to instrument dealers, and they listen to repair technicians that get to see their instruments long after the original sale. They take all feedback seriously, and year after year continue to amaze with fantastic quality and ever-improving band instruments. Come in to Wind Works today to see all they have to offer. See Jupiter’s entire line of brass instruments here.


King was founded in 1893 by H.N. White, an engraver and instrument repairman. King has had a long successful life in the US building high quality brass and woodwinds. Today they are still known for top grade American-built professional trombones used by players all over the world. They also produce wonderful flugelhorns, and student model brass as well as a full line of professional marching and mariachi brass, including their famous sousaphones. You can find King professional model trombones in stock at Bellingham Wind Works. We also carry student model trumpets and trombones by King, and they are among our favorite student-grade brasswinds. 

See all King has to offer here. 


See Conn-Selmer above


Designed in collaboration with the some of the world’s best professional players, XO has become a leader in the high-end brass instrument market. Bellingham Wind Works is proud to offer XO professional brass instruments. We have trumpets, trombones, flugelhorns, and tubas in stock and ready to try.  Learn more about XO brass and see all the models available here

We also usually have some Shires instruments on hand. Straight out of Boston, Shires is hand building some of the world’s best trombones and trumpets, and Bellingham Wind Works has the honor of bringing them to you. They have taken the brass world by storm and are seen in the hands of the most distinguished players today, including Doc Severinsen. Truly custom built, and the very best of the best, S.E. Shires Company trombones and trumpets will leave you speechless. 

Visit their website and learn all about S.E. Shires here


Two french horns, one nickel, one brass, hang on a retail slatwall.

A couple of our french horns hanging out.

Check in with us and see what’s in our showroom today.

Keep in mind that even if we don’t have something new, we may have it in our used selection. We usually have many of the following brands – call for our current selection.

  • Amati
  • Bach
  • Besson
  • Blessing
  • Bundy
  • Cervany
  • Conn
  • Getzen
  • Jupiter
  • King
  • Olds
  • Reynolds
  • Selmer
  • XO