fretted strings

Wind Works carries a large variety of carefully chosen specific brands to meet the needs of all of our customers. From professional to student instruments, we understand that our customers want instruments that fit their playing style and ability. You want an instrument that is yours and yours alone, that makes YOU sound like the best version of you. All of our brands are top quality and inspected upon arrival to make sure that they meet our high standards.  All of our new instruments (and consignments) are available to try out in the comfort of our testing room, so that you can make an informed decision.

Fretted string brands that we stock:


Lynn McSpadden was studying for the Seminary when his roommate brought in a dulcimer and showed him how to play it. Lynn became fascinated by it and decided to make himself one. He borrowed one from an acquaintance in Leslie, AR, probably made by Homer Ledford in KY, to use as a model and made his first dulcimer in 1962. Friends asked him to make them one and that began the development of the McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer. Lynn with his father and brother developed designs and construction methods to allow making large numbers of dulcimers while maintaining the quality. Improvements over the years have led to the current line of models. The company is currently owned by Jim and Betty Woods, and continues to roll out new models and continue the same great instrument making tradition and service that we have come to expect.

Blue Lion

Made in California by Robert and Janita Baker, Blue Lion’s dulcimers are not manufactured on an assembly line but are individually crafted by the Bakers to the highest standards possible. They combine the best elements of traditional tools and equipment with modern high precision machinery to produce instruments of unsurpassed quality and excellence. They build approximately 150 dulcimers a year in production runs of 25 to 40 instruments per run, and have made over 4000 dulcimers to date.


Lanikai Ukuleles bridge the gap between Hawaiian ukulele tradition and the needs of the discerning modern player. We are pleased to bring you a variety of Lanikai ukes that sound great, look beautiful and carry the Hawaiian spirit.


This Japanese builder brings us the very best in ukuleles, including the Kiwaya (the only Japanese ukulele available in the US), LoPrinzi (one of the finest ukes on the market today) and DaSilva (James Hill) models. As uke players have come to realize, the craftsmanship and high quality tonewoods that are used in the making of a Takumi ukulele are second to none, and built to last and pass on the gift of music to the next generation.

Gitane by Saga

Gitane guitars are the exact replicas of the classic gypsy jazz guitars first produced in the Jazz Age. A marriage of classic style, beauty and a gorgeous percussive sound, these guitars are the epitome of the jazz sound. They are played frequently and enjoy a good reputation amongst local players.

H. Jiminez

Distributed by Hohner, the Hilario Jimenez line of vihuelas, guitarrons, and bajo quintos that we carry are ideally suited to Mariachi, Tex Mex and Conjunto. Featuring designs by Sr. Jimenez himself, these instruments are known for their traditional visual appeal, rich tone, and sturdy construction.

Diamond Head

The ideal beginner ukuleles, available in bright colors and ready to take out wherever you are headed. Sturdy, affordable and clear-sounding.

Oscar Schmidt

We carry Oscar Schmidt autoharps for the perfect accompaniment instrument. Oscar Schmidt’s history goes back to 1871 as a maker of fine wooden instruments.  Their history in the US sets them up as a beloved brand in many rural parts of the country, where there were often no music stores and instruments were delivered by traveling salesmen. Nowdays, we are proud to carry the Oscar Schmidt name, and strive to deliver the same dedication to our customers that they are known for.


A banjo, two gypsy jazz guitars, a vihuela and a guitarron hang on a wall, photographed from below.

Jazz guitars, banjos, vihuelas and guitarrons are just some of the fretted strings we carry. We have so much more for you to see!

Keep in mind that even if we don’t have something new, we may have it in our used selection. While we are not dealers of the following brands, many of them come through our hands as consignments. Call for our current selection.

  • Blue Lion
  • Deering
  • Gibson
  • Gitane
  • H. Jimenez
  • Lanikai
  • Kiwaya
  • Kroger
  • McSpadden
  • Tacoma