orchestral strings

Wind Works carries a large variety of carefully chosen specific brands to meet the needs of all of our customers. From professional to student instruments, we understand that our customers want instruments that fit their playing style and ability. You want an instrument that is yours and yours alone, that makes YOU sound like the best version of you. All of our brands are top quality and inspected upon arrival to make sure that they meet our high standards.  All of our new instruments (and consignments) are available to try out in the comfort of our testing room, so that you can make an informed decision.

Orchestral string brands that we stock:

Dusty Strings

Dusty Strings is a truly family owned and run Washington business, and we are proud to carry their products. Featuring harps and dulcimers, their mission is designing and building acoustic instruments and related products that embody exemplary standards of fine craftsmanship and represent a fair value to their customers. The integrity of their work and their principles makes them a joy to work with. Their instruments are beautifully designed, hand-crafted, and made with love and respect for the music that will be made with them.


The Glaesel family of instruments is common in school orchestras, for good reason. They are consistently built, sound good, and hold to the standards set forth for the MENC (Music Educators National Conference) by their founder, Kurt Glaesel. They are set up in the US, using original methods that are passed down from their founding family.

JI Strings

Bellingham Wind Works is proud to carry the JI Strings brand. Anything above their student level is hand made in their workshop in California, and it is through them we are able to offer smaller sizes for younger strings players.


Through Conn-Selmer, we are able to offer Knilling strings, including their innovative Planetary Pegs. With a focus on sound, durability and beautiful tonewoods, Knilling has remained a preferred choice of thousands of educators, students and professionals since 1922.


Based out of Florida, Roosebeck is the harp brand of Mid-East instruments. Roosebeck harps (and lyres and other plucked string instruments) are consistently known for their affordability as a good beginner harp.

Scherl & Roth

One of the largest string companies in the world, Scherl and Roth is a well-known brand amongst teachers. They are distributed by Conn-Selmer, and found in orchestras across the US. We carry Scherl & Roth instruments in our rental fleet, in all sizes to accommodate every student.

Three violins and a viola hang on a retail slat wall. All are a rich golden brown.

Just a few of the many violins we have available in the shop.

Keep in mind that even if we don’t have something new, we may have it in our used selection. We usually have many of the following brands – call for our current selection.

Bauer, Becker, Dusty Strings, Glasesel, Herrmann, Hoffman, Knilling, Kreutzer, Moon River, Roosebeck, Suzuki, Yamaha